What our clients are saying about us!!!

Kevin R.

Shortly after retiring and moving to Las Vegas, I had the good fortune to find Premier Auto Repair for my auto mechanical needs. Keith, Lore and Chris are very caring and more than fair in their approach to customer care. It is always difficult to find an honest mechanical shop, but my good fortune led me to one of the best. All the repairs on my car, as well as my friends and family, have been very well diagnosed, and extremely fair in cost. Here is a shop that does not just start throwing parts at the car in an attempt to solve the issue,. I have come to find out that they have built their business over a period of 19 plus years strictly by word of mouth, and after getting to know them through many repairs on my car as well as many people I know, I understand why. If you are looking for an honest, caring and super-qualified auto mechanical shop, this is the shop that you need to visit. 

Mike H.

 Keith is a rare find nowadays, an honest car mechanic you can trust. On a recommendation from a friend, I've taken two vehicles here. The first one he fixed for a shockingly low price, then took it to get it smogged so I wouldn't have to hassle with it and risk a late fee. The second one he inspected and said everything was fine with the brakes, no charge.

When's the last time that happened at a dealer? Out of warranty? You rolled in, they inspected your car, found nothing wrong, and sent you away with peace of mind at no charge? I'll tell you when it's happened to me - never. Dealerships always have a long list of services they recommend, and always a hefty price tag.

Not Keith and the guys at Premier. Diagnosis, repair estimate, and a fair price for the work. Honesty - check. Integrity - check. Quality work - check.

I have had two positive repair experiences here, and have heard from a friend of several more. I'm happy to recommend this business - without hesitation.

Thomas B.

 This is the best mechanic in the course of history. Before there were chariots, these mechanics were inventing the wheel. Keith is a Jedi. He can touch a modern vehicle and he knows the mechanical issues. But he clearly has ancient knowledge from another world.

My car has never worked better. These people are awesome and they won't screw you. Best think you can say about a mechanic. 

James M.

 Keith and his auto repair team are the best in town!  They have repaired my old 1997 Toyota many times and even my newer BMW.  Their prices are the best in town but what is most important is the honesty.  You can trust Keith and his knowledge of cars.  He will tell you if a repair is need or if it can wait.  The dealer said my BMW needed new brakes and Keith said no, you still have 50% of the brake pads left.  Who does that these days?  I send all my friends and family to Premier Auto Repair!