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About Us

Who is Premier Auto?


 We have been in business for 20 years and offer a full array of mechanical repairs and service on all make and models. Our families have been in the Las Vegas area for over 80 years.  We have a great commitment to our community as well as respect and gratitude for our customers.  Through several economic downturns in the area our business has survived due to the loyalty of our customers and their referrals. 

Why Premier Auto?


  Our mission is to keep our customers on the road safely and securely without pushing for unnecessary repairs. We like to educate our customers about the function and care of their vehicle, especially women and younger drivers. Our commitment is to a long term relationship with our customers, serving them fairly and with respect.  In many cases we are serving the third generation of our customer families.  

How Premier Auto adds Value?


We pride ourselves with being honest and friendly and focusing on addressing our customers needs. We keep in mind what the customer needs from their vehicle we do repair vehicles with professional training and equipment, and use state of the art tools and information. The value in our service is that we do not overcharge and over-repair.


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